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A Different Advent Calendar

I know it has been quite awhile since I have blogged and I will also admit I have not been very active on my Facebook business page.  I am very good about Twitter because I find that to be much quicker and can do it on the fly.  I also haven’t really seen any benefits from using social media.  I wasn’t expecting to hit a million followers or anything like that, but I certainly thought I would get up in the 1,000s and I have not.  I have been trying to get my business to roll strong for 3 years now and I will admit that I get very discouraged and times and do not know what the answer is.  I know when people see my artwork, my scrapbook albums, my jewelry, and even any new creations, I am always told how beautiful everything is.  How do you convert that to sales?

I go on Pinterest once in awhile, and had seen a 12 Days Beers of Christmas Calendar that another blogger had done for her significant other.  I wanted to give my husband something unique for our anniversary, but also knew if I told him he had to wait until December 25th to start opening them, he would freak.  Another friend of mine pinned a wine Advent calendar, and that’s when my creative juices began to flow!!  I took the two ideas and came up with Jeff’s Advent Beer Calendar.  I chose a variety of different beers, some from local breweries because I try to support my fellow businesses.  Here are a few:

Advent Calendar project pic 1I had some leftover plain white craft paper from a previous project.  I wrapped each bottle and at first started by twisting the craft paper closed at the top and I was going to add ribbon around the neck, but it was too difficult to remove them from the box so, as you can see, I folded and taped the remainder over at the top.

Advent Calendar project pic 3

I have tons of leftover odd letters and numbers from before my Cricut and Cameo days.  I pulled the bin and used different ones to number the bottles which made them a little more unique and decorative (though I knew hubby wouldn’t care).

Advent Calendar project pic 4

I found this wonderful box at the liquor store that still had the dividers in it for wine!  Unfortunately I only found one so I improvised and put beers 24-13 in it and on day 12 I plan on putting 12-1 in it.  I wrapped the outside of the box in the craft paper.

Advent Calendar project pic 6

I added hubby’s name and a description (again with some of those old leftover letters).  I thought it looked kind of plain and would have sworn I had some leftover beer stickers but I could not find them.

Advent Calendar project pic 5

In the process of looking for the beer stickers I found some stars with generic sentiments like “Enjoy” and “Celebrate” and thought they are in manly colors so I used them.  What I decided to do next was to google some of the beers I purchased for him and print and cut their logos to add to the box.

Advent Calendar project pic 2

Here’s one side:

Advent Calendar project pic 7

And the other:

Advent Calendar project pic 8

The other little glitch I ran into, was when I put the beers in the box, you couldn’t see the numbers on the front of each bottle.  If I were to do it again, I would cut the box down before decorating it, and put the numbers higher on the front of the bottles.  Since I had already decorated the box, I stuck plain black numbers on the top to the craft paper.  Hint: husbands aren’t as concerned about the aesthetics as we are, at least mine isn’t.  He was more concerned about the beer.

Advent Calendar project pic 9

Here he is looking pretty happy with his gift.  He told me “it’s the best present ever!”  So in addition to being a wonderful wife for bringing sandwiches in to him at work for lunch (long story), I now have given him the BEST PRESENT!  Oh oh, I better put the thinking cap on for Christmas-lol!!!!!

Advent Calendar project pic 10

So I am back and will be blogging and posting routinely again.  Also, it’s still not to late to support this small local business and order something custom to give to your family and friends for Christmas.  Thanks for the support, and, as always, please leave me some LOVE, I enjoy reading your comments.

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